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SEARCH - Always find that case!

Remeber that really interesting case?

Have no Clue on how to find it?

Don't have time to Tag and Archive?

With the Search Feature you can find anything with VetReport

Our Search function is very flexible, you can use it to search by Report identification including:

- Referring clinic

- Referring DVM

- Dates

As well as clinical information within the report including

- Age

- Specie

- Sex

- Report Class+ Exam Name

- Clinical Items

- Conclusion

You can type in the word or word combination you are looking for, you can search multiple words in the same item and multiple items at the same time.

You get a list with direct access to the PDF Report that you can also export in CVS format.

Structured reporting means your data is organized and hence you can search by Exam Type, Clinical Item descriptions and specific words within it. Consider the potential for Analytics or Research Studies in your practice or institution.

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