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Carolina Monteiro

CEO, Founder and Consultant. DVM, Ms

VetReport is a digital health start-up, founded by Carolina Monteiro that aims to use technology to improve and innovate reporting in Veterinary Medicine.

In 2005 the first version of VetReport was created, Carolina Monteiro, VetReport's founder had a thriving mobile ultrasound service, but pretty soon she felt overwhelmed by all the reports that were due, there seemed there weren't enough hours in a day to type them all and have a proper turn over time.
As the voice recognition software in her language wasn't good enough, reports had to be typed,  Carolina found that writing the report in a text editor, was many times repetitive work, as many animals had similar pathology presentations. Frustrated with this, she developed the idea behind the software, a structured form to do reports with base items and automatic texts, that could be editable, added and changed. And so the first version of VetReport was born, and it made a huge impact on her workflow, saving her time and delivering professional looking reports timely to her clients.

In 2020 she finally decided to make a commercialized version of VetReport, and after a long search, she found the right company to help her bring her concept to life and into this new era. Their amazing team helped her present to you this new and improved version of VetReport. 

​We are very excited about it and hope you will try it and see how it can help you to. 

​Off course, software is always evolving and while we are launching VetReport we already have a few more ideas to make it even better.

But we would love to hear about your user's input and your needs. So please start a trial and give us some feedback!

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